STEP 1. REGISTER WITH US: Click here to register with us as an advisor. Once you are registered with us, you will be able to use our client portal.

To see how our client portal works, use the following credentials to log in (top right hand side corner)

User Name:

Password: 123456

STEP 2. Click here to download instruction manual on how our client portal works.

STEP 3. ADD YOUR FUNDS ON PORTAL:Once you are registered with us, add your funds for us to audit. You can add funds in bulk, that is more than one fund at a time, download this sheet to add details of all funds you want us to audit.

STEP 4. UPLOAD DOCUMENTS:After adding a fund, you can download our engagement letter and have it signed by the trustees of the fund and upload it along with all permanent and yearly audit evidences and simply click a button for us to commence our audit. We will let the previous auditor know that we have taken over the audit of the fund.

Click here for a list of documents which we will require for our audit

STEP 5. Communication on our client portal: You can see the progress of audit of all your funds on our online portal, we also communicate with you, should we have any queries or require further documents from you. We also deliver all our signed reports, such as management report, audit report online.